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Hydra Island

The town which is the centre of the whole island, is built  around  a crescent shaped port. Looking like a  glamorous painting, with grey, white and blue coloured buildings contrasting with the blue of the sea.

Looking right and left from the entrance of the port, there are the Parapets with the Canons, which protected the town. At the left side of the port, after the statue of A. Miaoulis, we can find the Harbour Authorities of Hydra, which are accommodated in the old, stone-built powder magazine.

Next to the Harbour Authorities is the marble archive building of Hydra and further we find the house of Tsamados family, which accommodates the famous Sea Captain Academy.

The main characteristic of Hydra is that there are no wheeled vehicles and the transportation of people is made only by donkeys, a thing that makes the Island even more romantic.