/  Festivals
  • Historic Nafplio in the Peloponnese is the place to be in the end of June. The annual NAFPLION FESTIVAL is held every year in the middle of June

  • Every July and August during the weekends you can attend a performance of Ancient Tragedies and Comedies in the

  • The most important festival on the island of Spetses is “Armata”, which takes place the second week of September and includes mainly artistic events, such as traditional dances

  • The exemplary use of the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus on the city’s limited musical events became possible after the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture

  • A big festival, called Miaoulia, takes place in Hydra the weekend closest to the 21st June, to honor Admiral Miaoulis, a most important man of the Greek Revolution in 1821

  • Every year in May the festival of the artichoke is organized at the village of Iria, since artichoke is the main local product