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Antiguo pueblo de pescadores, Tolo se extiende a lo largo de una preciosa playa y cuenta con numerosos hoteles y apartamentos amueblados, por no hablar de una gran variedad de bares, discotecas, tabernas y clubes de bouzouki, todos ellos rebosantes de hospitalidad.

Romvi Island

Is the dominated island opposite Tolo almost 1,6 sq. km large. On Romvi island you can see fortifications, ruins of houses and reservoirs. At the back side there is a nice beach accessible only by boat.

Daskalio Island

Another small island in the bay behind the Romvi island, with a small pebbled beach A good site for B.B.Q. and snorkeling. On the top there is a little Byzantine church built approximately in 1688, dedicated to the Zoodochou Pigi. During the Turkish occupation the people lived in constant terror and we are reminded of this by “Daskaleio” (teaching place) island and its “Kryfo Scholeio” (SecretSchool) where children of the time where taught in secret their national language and history.

Koronisi Islands

A small island in the bay which is also the symbol of Tolo. On the top is a little church dedicated to the Twelve Apostles. You can reach the island by pedalo or by hiring a local boat. A popular wedding celebration venue during the summer for both Greeks and foreigners.



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